Group your tasks by contact person.

Manage your time, your customers and get things done.

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Customer Tracker

Manage tasks for your Customer list.

Personizer creates a simple way to categorize your information by using the contact list on your phone. Tasks are created and completed against the Contacts. So all the information is grouped by Contacts. Use any of your existing phones’ Contacts to organize everything for your customers.

Use the contacts data for quickly making calls, viewing maps, etc. No customer setup involved, it’s ready to roll.

  • Be organised with the right info at the right time
  • See past, current and future tasks
  • Add as little or as much info as required for each task

Alarms and Calendars

Never miss deadlines or forget anything.

Inbuilt alarms and smart calendar events seamlessly appear in Personizer from across your calendar schedule. It can also push the calendar event made in Personizer across to your existing calendars. Alarms and events can be turned on and off with ease. Perfect for appointments that need rescheduling.

  • Integrates with existing Calendars 
  • Set deadlines or move the task onto any existing calendar. 
  • Meet deadlines for customers

Categorize your contacts

Create custom contact categories such as Leads, Sales, Past customers, anything you like.

Add notes for customers

Each customer can also have notes for them. Notes are always kept, where as Tasks are completed.

Add new customers

Create a new contact in your phone as usual, and after refreshing Personizers contact list, the new contact appears ready to be used as a customer.

Use long text or add pictures

We keep it simple but if you want to add extra details, such as photos of jobs done, use longer text info or add an address to the task, just save it in.

Easy communications

Customers love being kept in the loop! Make your life easier by accessing their contact details instantly from the app.

All in one

Add time to your life by having your Contacts, Calendar & Tasks all together.

Save time serving customers

Our mission is to organize and schedule your work day with key customer data, all in one place

Setting up a CRM for your customers shouldn’t be difficult. For the small business or solopreneur most of our customers are already on our phone, or can be added. This keeps a single place for your customers and avoids duplicate entries or importing problems.


Completed tasks

1 min

Setup time

100K+ mins

Extra time saved


Your customers needs organized