Save time with an integrated organizer

Your Tasks, Contacts & Calendars in one place

Categorize your contacts

Create custom contact categories such as Leads, Sales, Past customers, anything you like.

Add notes for customers

Each customer can also have notes for them. Notes are always kept, where as Tasks are completed.

Add new customers

Create a new contact in your phone as usual, and after refreshing Personizers contact list, the new contact appears ready to be used as a customer.

Use long text or add pictures

We keep it simple but if you want to add extra details, such as photos of jobs done, use longer text info or add an address to the task, just save it in.

Easy communications

Customers love being kept in the loop! Make your life easier by accessing their contact details instantly from the app.

All in one

Add time to your life by having your Contacts, Calendar & Tasks all together.

Very nice layout and very simple to use. Super organization. Love this app. Get R Done App

Chasity Hyatt

This is a phenomenally intuitive app!!!!

Israel Law Team

Loving it for reminders separate from my daily life. I use this app to organize business related tasks. It’s been wonderful for keeping me organized and focused so far. It’s mentally stimulating knocking out those tasks you make for yourself.


It allows me to keep on top of my business thanks to the full integration with my contacts and calendars. Is easy to categorize my notes and tasks along with my attachments, excellent job!

Carolina Montiel